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Line for creating high-quality rolled and shaped products. Capable of producing up to 2,500 baguettes/hour.


Automatic Baguette Bread Line.

Galileo is an industrial line capable of producing up to 2,500 baguettes/hour with a maximum weight of 700g and hydration values of up to 75%.

It has a dual shaping unit, a stretching line that automatically adjusts the dough’s length, a centring system and an automatic dough placement system. Additionally, it features a tray collection system and seed module that are optional.

Beor can connect this line with the rest of the machines.

Able to work with gluten-free dough.

L: 11.600 mm
W: 1.600 mm
H: 2.000 mm

Galileo. High Hydration Processing Line
Moulding Unit

Double adjustable moulding unit.

Intermediate Resting Chamber

Timed input belt for the shaping chamber. Long recipients for holding dough. Centring unit at output end.

Stretching Line

Long-length stretching line. Automatic measurement and adjustment od dough length. Centring unit at output end.

Cutting System

Separator belts. Centring unit.

Optional Seeds Module
Wi-Fi Tablet Screen
Automatic Dough Placement

Optional tray collection system.


Automatic Baguette Bread Line.