System to depositing Loaves on trays.

Starting from the customer’s moulding system, we deposit the loaves automatically on the tray or boards.



Not having to bend down to pick up the lower trays, which are the most difficult ones to access, makes the work easier for us. A cell detects the positioning of a carriage in the Pascal unit and this raises it up to 80 cm and, as the operator removes each tray, the Pascal unit moves one position down so that the same minimum working height is maintained and thus assists in the prevention of lower back problems.


This is installed at the end of the installation and has a four or five empty feed tray capacity in the lower section, depending on its measurement and five full trays in the upper column-shaped section. Trays are fed by conveyor belts that employ pneumatic pistons to move the trays into position, with centring device and pusher, when they are full. The operator only has to position the empty trays in the lower section and recover them full in the upper accumulator section.



This measures the height of the fermented article, in other words, the fermentation point of an exact shape with errors of less than one millimetre, so that we can control the process for obtaining a consistent end product at all times.Arquimedes

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