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Paco, Iñaki, Aingueru, Julen, Carlos Bustamante (Beor Salesman) and Pedro Valero (Beor Bakery Technical Manager).

We have had the pleasure to install and start up 3 new beor equipments for the Obrador Asuaberri in Bilbao.

1. Automatic baguette bread forming line ‘Galileo’

First, the new automatic baguette bread forming line ‘Galileo’ designed to meet their production needs. It can make up to 2,500 baguettes per hour, each weighing up to 1,000g with hydrations of up to 75%. This helps maintain the quality and special flavor of their products.

2. Multiproduct lamination line ‘Gaudí’

Secondly, the new multiproduct lamination line ‘Gaudí’ stands out for its capacity to work very soft doughs (up to 95% hydration) thanks to the innovative “stress-free” feeder, enabling the production of various products such as ciabatta, pizza, focaccia, and more.

3. Semi-automatic water scorer ‘Compact Leo’

Last but certainly not least, the new semi-automatic water scorer ‘Compact Leo’, ideal for cutting various dough types efficiently, including gluten-free doughs. This simplifies production with easy-to-follow recipe settings.