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From left to right: Pedro Valero (Technical Director Baker), Eleazar Díaz (Director), Cristian Huerta (Operations Director), Diego Righetti (Maintenance Chief) and Carlos Pérez (General Manager).

We are delighted to announce the recent installation and commissioning of a new Gaudí Multiproduct Line.

Canada Bakery, located in Panama, is a prestigious bakery specialized in producing a wide variety of artisanal breads and high-quality bakery products. Their offerings include:

  1. Ciabatta: rustic Italian bread known for its airy crumb and crispy crust.
  2. High-Hydration breads: up to 100%, resulting in a light texture and soft crumb.
  3. Variety of bread shapes: pointed, round, hexagonal pieces, to suit different tastes and preferences.
  4. Specialty breads: incorporating premium ingredients and artisanal techniques to create unique and delicious breads.
  5. Whole grain and seeded breads: made with whole grain flours and seeds, ideal for a balanced diet.

With the recent addition of the Gaudí Multiproduct Line, Canada Bakery can:

  • Expand its production capacity, now reaching up to 1 ton/hour*
  • Increase the diversity of its offerings, ensuring consistent and high-quality products for its customers.

*For productions bigger than 1 ton/hour: Gaudí Plus.