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I've got a Beor - Amaya - CompactLeo

New ‘CompactLeo’ installed at Panificadora Amaya

From left to right: Carlos Bustamante (Beor Area Manager), Pedro Valero (Beor Technician), Gorka Pérez de Villareal, Asier Pérez de Villareal and Luis Pérez de Villareal (owners of Panificadora Amaya).
CompactLeo is a water scoring system for fermented doughs. You can make all types and number of cuts as you need. It can also score Gluten Free products.
It’s made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with WifiEthernet and Technology 4.0. connectivity.

The tray feeding system is manual and the output is about a 16 deck rack in 2 and a half minutesdepending on the score.